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Swoon worthy Gift Wrap & Ribbon combinations

Looking for some Gift Wrap & Ribbon pairing inspiration?

We can’t get enough of our brand new Gift Wrap Rolls. We have been playing with mixing and matching them with our ribbons for some swoon worthy combinations you might like to try!

Happy wrapping, we can not wait to see your beautifully wrapped gifts! 


We've Paired:  
Daisies Gift Wrap Roll
Mustard Luxury Satin Ribbon | French Blue Luxury Satin Ribbon Ballet Slipper Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Hooray (Daisies) Card



We've Paired: 
Pomegranate Gift Wrap Roll
Sage Luxury Satin Ribbon | Red Luxury Satin Ribbon | Ballet Slipper Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Happiest of Birthdays! Card




We've Paired:  Tutti Fruity Gift Wrap Roll
Peach Luxury Satin Ribbon | Teal Luxury Satin Ribbon | Mustard Luxury Satin Ribbon



We've Paired: 
Sloth Gift Wrap Roll
Mustard Luxury Satin Ribbon | Mint Luxury Satin Ribbon | French Blue Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Happy Birthday Parrot Card



We've Paired: 
Huckleberry Gift Wrap Roll
Mauve Luxury Satin Ribbon | Mint Luxury Satin Ribbon | Sky Blue Luxury Satin Ribbon
AndBirthday Wishes (Sparrow) Card



We've Paired: 
Prima Ballerina Gift Wrap Roll
Ballet Slipper Luxury Satin Ribbon | Teal Luxury Satin Ribbon | Rose Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Beautiful Birthday Wishes For You Card



We've Paired: 
Chipmunk Gift Wrap Roll
Mineral Green Luxury Satin Ribbon | Rose Luxury Satin Ribbon | Sky Blue Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Baby (chipmunk) Card



We've Paired: 
Sparrows Gift Wrap Roll
With: French Blue Luxury Satin Ribbon | Peach Luxury Satin Ribbon | Teal Luxury Satin Ribbon
And: Happy New Home Card


Photography credits
Product photography: Lean Timms
Bespoke Letterpress products: Gift Wrap Roll Collection | 
Ribbon Collection | Card Collection

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