Double sided gift wrap

Double sided gift wrap

Paper gift wrap for that personal touch

Are you looking for gorgeous, high-end gift paper that's going to perfectly showcase your present? Bespoke Letterpress carries a stunning range of gift wrap paper featuring artwork from talented Australian and international designers....

Our wrapping paper is double-sided, featuring a different design on either side for maximum versatility. Our talented artists have produced beautiful designs that follow a range of themes – from nature-inspired paper that encapsulates the beauty of Australian plants and birds, to designs that celebrate the seasons.

No matter what your taste may be, we have something to suit everyone, and really wow your intended recipient.

Double-sided gift wrap paper with gorgeous designs

Gift wrap is essential when it comes to making sure your presents have some serious wow factor, with eye-catching appeal. Both sides of the sheet can be used – providing a versatile choice as you can turn the paper to suit your gift recipient.

Each sheet features a gorgeous design from one of our artists front and back. Vibrant colours and beautiful prints make them a favourite with our customers. Featuring designs such as Budgerigar, Crustaceans and Swan Queen, the wrapping from our gift wrap stores has a wide range of uses besides gift wrapping.

If you fancy getting a bit creative, you can also use our wrapping paper for a range of decorative purposes.
For example, you might use our sheets as:

  • Posters
  • Drawer linings
  • Art and craft projects
  • Table coverings
  • Why not frame a piece for the wall!

Highly durable wrapping solutions

How often have you used cheap gift wraps, only to find that there's a corner of your gift poking through the flimsy paper? Our heavyweight paper offers a durable solution to protect gifts from bumps or scuffs, and won’t rip, ensuring your present arrives in perfect condition.

Many eco-conscious people are looking at ways to reduce their paper consumption – use a sheet of our paper gift wrap and you're using a product that's durable enough to be reused repeatedly.

If you want to use the paper again (and why not, it's gorgeous?), we recommend using string or ribbon to tie your gift, rather than tape. Should one side become damaged, you've still got the other side that can be used to package gifts.

Timeless gift wrap that's suitable for all

Looking for the perfect gift wrapping paper that's exactly right for your family and friends or special occassion? Bespoke Letterpress has you covered, providing premium paper in timeless, classic designs.

Stocking up with a selection of our paper means you’ll always have options on hand. Our designs work well with any theme, and keep and eye out for our Christmas collections like the Nutcracker-themed design.
Our christmas wraps are always a hit!

If you want to invest in wrapping paper that can be used time and time again to bring pleasure to the ones you love, our gift wraps are the perfect option. For more information, contact us online or email

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