Pens & Pencil Cases

Pens & Pencil Cases

Our gorgeous pen and pencil cases

You never know when and where inspiration will strike next. When you need your pens and pencils at the ready, you can’t look past the value of having a beautifully designed pencil case from the Bespoke Letterpress collection....

Designed with style and practicality in mind, our cases are ideal for carrying with you wherever you need to write at a moment’s notice. They also make a great gift for the writer, artist or student in your life. Encourage their creativity with this thoughtful gift today.

Stay inspired with our stylish pencil cases

A perfect addition to your handbag, bespoke pencil cases are great for pens, pencils and even reading glasses! A carefully chosen pencil case is a must-have in your stationery collection, the super sweet colours match beautifully with the Bespoke Letterpress collection.

Our collection of pen and pencil cases has been carefully chosen as part of our range. Created from premium materials, these storage solutions are designed to look fantastic and be super functional. Take a look through our online selection today.

Everything you need in the one place

How is it that, whenever you want to write, all your pens have gone missing? We’ve all been there – Bespoke Letterpress has the solution!

Our pen loops are designed to attach easily to your notebooks and journals so your pens are always within reach. Attractive enough to compliment any journal, these offer a convenient alternative to pencil cases, while also saving on space.

Available in a selection of colours, these handy little holders are made from Vegan leather – a material that has all the good looks and long-lasting appeal of leather, but is made instead with durable, plant-based materials.

Our handy selection of ink refills

There’s nothing worse than running out of ink mid-sentence, especially when you’re on a roll. With this in mind, we also sell ink refills. Refills are a sustainable way of prolonging the life of your favourite pens.

If you can't see what you're looking for on our page, get in touch and we'll be happy to see if we can track it down for you. Contact our team today – we’re only too happy to help.

Stunning stationery solutions

Here at Bespoke Letterpress, we believe stationery should be an attractive, enriching addition to your life. Like all our other products, our pencil cases and other storage items have been carefully designed to be stylish and practical.

Suitable for writers, artists and students alike, we stock designs that perfectly complement our existing range of stationery products – no matter what your taste might be. We are an environmentally-responsible company that's committed to the sale of premium products that are also green, compassionate choices.

Need further information or advice? We are always on hand to answer any queries you have. You can contact us online or email

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