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A thank you note from Alischa

As yet another year ticks to a close, I sit and ponder what another incredible rollercoaster year we have had a Bespoke Letterpress! In our 14th year of operations, it still does blow my mind that the crazy idea I had to buy a foot treadled press from a retired bookbinder in Canberra in 2007, has grown and twisted and pivoted over the years, to now be a business I could have never even dreamed was possible!

This past year has seen us bring out many much loved products to our greeting cards, gift wrap, tag and planner collection. But also has seen us expand into lots of new ideas including tissue paper, and linen products including napkins, tea towels and remarkably tablecloths!

We made a Prawnament, glass ornaments, as well as a whole new collection of Velvet and Silky Satin Ribbons. We dreamt up crazy sticker box ideas, and excitingly are currently working on some more brand new product ideas and incredible collaborations!

This past year, we give thanks to the beautiful artists and illustrators who we have had the pleasure of working with - Vivian Hasenclever, Serena from Hoglet & Co, Nancy Noreth, Whitney Spicer, Catherine from Folklore & Fauna, Sherry Lou and Oana Befort.

Likewise we give thanks to our beautiful team who supports and brings all my ideas to life, and helps sell and present them in the most beautiful way to our customers. To the team here in our Head Office, to those in our warehouse, and out in our stores, and those working from home. We thank you! We now have 29 beautiful team members who choose our company to work for, and for that we are truly thankful!

We also thank our suppliers and our contractors who run many cogs behind the wheels and help us be the best version of ourselves as possible! And we give the biggest congratulations to our dear Kate (and Craig) on the recent arrival of their beautiful baby Matilda - another gorgeous addition to the pool of Bespoke babies!

This year saw our 8th year at our beautiful Strand Arcade store and our 3rd year in our new Bowral Flagship store. We excitingly opened a new store at Canberra Centre and popped back up at Chatswood Chase as part of their Christmas Market. We were able to finally start attending markets again, and after an extensive build we moved into a brand new office and production facility, and have moved more boxes this year then I think ever before!

In our family life, its been another hectically beautiful year. Our children are now 9 (Albert), 6 (Elsie), 3 (Rupert) and 1 (Louis). Albert has just finished year 3, and Elsie her first year of Kindergarten. Next year Rupert is off to preschool and it is incredible how fast these years are flying by. It scares me that the teenager years will be here before we know it!

It has been yet another year of many sacrifices in family time as the demands of running and dreaming big ideas, takes away from precious time from our babies. The juggle never gets easier, and the kids are very frequent visitors to the office. Made even more tolerable by the jar of lollies or cookies our beautiful office team spoil them with!

Our older children do seem to have quite creative streaks within themselves, so we do hope that they are inspired, and as they grow see that anything they dream, with a whole heap of hard work, is truly possible.

Moving into 2023, we have lots of big ideas and dreams. Lots of lovely design collaborations and products, and stationery and lifestyle products we would love to create and make. It is looking like another beautiful year already!

But most of all, as we finish off this year, the biggest person I want to thank, is YOU! Without our beautiful customers, those who have this year purchased from us for the first time or those who have been buying from us since 2008. To those who cheer us on from the sideline, to those who share your wrapped gifts in our VIP facebook group, to those who gush over baby Louis photos on Instagram.

It is your support, your purchasing, your sharing of our stationery products, that keeps us here each and every day. Without YOU we simply could not be here today, and for that we are SO thankful.

When I started this business, I was a young 26 year old graphic designer. I had no idea that creative entrepreneurialship was possible. All I knew was that I loved paper, I loved print and that the two, combined, created an infinite number of possibilities. And for that, I am truly thankful. What a privilege it is to get to follow this dream. I thank you!

So now we prepare to sign off for the year, pop some Christmas Bubbles, and watch the kids destroy within seconds all that beautiful gift wrapping!

As we sign off for a little much needed family time, we thank you, for yet another wonderful year of sharing in this journey. This truly is the greatest privilege!

My best wishes to you and your families, for a safe, warm, and beautiful Christmas with your nearest and dearest.

Much love,


Family Photos with thanks to Lean Timms
Store Photo thanks to Collections from Him



  • Posted by Dianne Watt on

    Hi Alisha,
    Lovely note, love the green dress.
    I love all your products, even though I’m only a small purchaser. I know every little purchase helps your business though.
    Enjoy visiting your Bowral & Strand Arcade Stores.
    Happy Christmas to you & your family.
    Di Watt🎄xx

  • Posted by Annie Harris on

    Alischa I was so thrilled recently to discover your stall in the Canberra Centre. I literally stopped dead in my tracks. You see, you created my wedding stationery back in 2010 in Brisbane (you may or mat not recall, it was a peacock-themed design… absolutely stunning!). I have never forgotten the care and passion you put in to visiting us, hearing our story and designing the most exquisite, personalised wedding stationery I have ever seen. So I just wanted to drop you a note to say how thrilled i am that your business has flourished (along with your family!). We are still happily married, and now based in Canberra. So I’m so excited to be able to visit your store for all my future stationery and gifting needs! I hope you are enjoying life in Bowral – a beautiful part of this region! All the best, Annie

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