Planners & Calendars

Planners & Calendars

Monthly planners and calendars

At Bespoke Letterpress, we believe that stationery items can be as beautiful as they are functional. We create stunning pieces to help bring you joy, and inspire goal planning, success and productivity for your day, week, month and year!

Our planners feature a linen cover which is lovingly embossed in gold foil and comes with beautiful gold-gilded edges. We use a range of high-grade materials, many of which are recycled.

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Stay organised with our monthly planners

Most of us lead busy lives, so keeping track of what we need to do when, while ensuring nothing gets overlooked, can be a challenge.

The right calendar or planner can make all the difference to your daily schedule and provide a handy visual guide to your day. As well as providing a reminder of upcoming events, meetings and appointments, your personal planner can ensure you've got a wealth of other information at your fingertips.
Use our organisers to:

  • Plan menus and create shopping lists.
  • Note down tasks and determine priorities.
  • Make a note of birthdays and other social occasions for which cards or gifts will be required.
  • Keep track of study goals and deadlines.
  • Manage your work projects.
  • Ensure every member of the family has what they need for the day.
  • Journal thoughts and feelings.

Gorgeous designs that delight the eye

Many of our designs are inspired by our love of the natural world. We use talented artists to create stunning illustrations of birds, plants and seasonal fruits that are used to adorn monthly wall planner products, calendar notebooks and our collection of multi-purpose notebooks.

Created with love by our design team, the vibrant colours and sweet prints, make our selection of fridge planners and calendars a favourite with our customers.

Great for the home and the office

The calendars and planners available from Bespoke Letterpress are perfect for your office or home. Our personal planners can be used wherever you go, helping to plan priorities and activities on the run!

In addition to being an asset for organisation, monthly wall planner products and notebooks are the perfect accessories to write creatively, journal or keep track of your goals. Why not give your life a mini makeover with a fresh set of premium planners and organisers from the Bespoke Letterpress selection and start seeing the benefits of a well-planned day, month and year?

A thoughtful, useful gift

A well-laid-out planner makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift that can play a part in making your life easier. Our selection of appealing stationery items is exclusive, with luxury creations that are perfect to give as gifts. Want to find out more? Reach out to our customer service team today.

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