i=Change x Bespoke Letterpress

I believe, I am very fortunate.

I grew up in a safe house, a culture, a society where I could be educated, dream crazy business ideas, I could aim high, work hard and enjoy the satisfaction of building my own dream. The dream has in no way been easy, but it has been possible, and for that I am so very fortunate. We are the lucky few. But it doesn’t stop here.

I believe strongly that in society it is our responsibility to give, lift up and empower others, especially women who too wish to dream, but are not given the chance by circumstance. We are the lucky few, who collectively can make a big difference.

Through our partnership with i=Change, we are committed to make this change. You shop as usual, and at check out you will be asked to choose which of our three life changing charities you would like for us to donate on your behalf. From every order placed we will donate to the below causes (you are welcome to add on to this donation too if you like). You can then track your impact and see in real-time how much your purchase has raised and its impact on peoples lives.

"100% donations are sent to carefully selected projects, with a focus on women & girls' empowerment"

At check out, you will be asked to choose which cause you would like us to donate on your behalf. It’s that simple.

You can then track our contributions via the i=Change site here.

We thank you for helping us make change.

Alischa Herrmann

Bespoke Letterpress Founding Director