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Choosing green gift wrap

There has been a lot of talk around in the media of late about gift wrap not being biodegradable. This all comes down to the type of stock it’s printed on and any coatings that have been added.
For example the thin shiny cheap type you buy in rolls, often will not decompose. If they have heavy sections of metallics, glitters or a shiny thin surface, then these coatings will effect if the paper will decompose or not. It also is determined by what type of material they printed on in the first place.
We believe in not only making beautiful, but making beautiful with our environmental foot print in mind. For this reason our gift wrap, is made with 100% recycled heavy weight paper made from 75% post consumer & 25% pre consumer waste.

Manufactured without the addition of optical brighteners, Our paper is made in a facility that is ISO 14001 accredited and processes chlorine free pulps; thereby helping to reduce harmful by-products in its manufacturing.
During our printing process we don’t add any gloss coatings or nastiness, meaning that our gift wrap will breakdown back to nature as it was first intended. Our gift wrap is printed in Sydney, Australia. Just down the freeway from our headquarters. Every little part of our process is considered to ensure that our paper is not only beautiful, but its beautifully kind to the environment too.

If you buy our wrap instore, you will buy it fresh off the shelf, without any additional packaging. If you buy online, our wrap will come to you bundled as a pack of six, inside a biodegradable cello bag.

If unsure when buying gift wrap, try to feel it first. If it feels raw and papery chances are it’s the good choice. If it is packed in plastic and feels smooth, shiny, plastically or flimsy, that’s the type to avoid. 🌿


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    Thanks for sharing your experience s Love your products and your attitude all the best for you and your Family xx

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