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The 10 Benefits of Journaling.

Many of my beautiful customers over the years have confided in me about the unexpected ways that keeping a journal has made their improved their life!

As we navigate through this unexpected season of uncertainty, it's so very important to acknowledge and process our thoughts, and journal writing is the ideal way to do this.

This week I am sharing ten benefits of journaling, plus some tips on how to get started.

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1. Improve your IQ: Journal writing stretches your vocabulary, and one of the best single measures of intelligence is vocabulary.

2. Evokes mindfulness: Journaling helps bring your wandering mind to attention, and moves you from passively to actively engaging with your thoughts.

3. Helps you to achieve goals: Writing down your goals signals the importance of them to your brain, which in turn makes you more likely to focus on achieving them.

4. Increases your emotional intelligence: Journalling is one of the best outlets for processing your emotions and overall memory.

5. Boosts memory and comprehension: Recalling events strengthens your ability to engage in cognitive recall.

6. Strengths self-discipline: Habits formed in one area of life have a tendency to domino onto other healthy habits.

7. Improves your communication skills: Writing has critical connections to speaking, so daily journal writing will improve your ability to communicate orally as well.

8. Sparks creativity: Regular journal writing allow you to discover thoughts and ideas that you never knew existed, and is a wonderful way to get embrace your creative side.

9. Allows you to heal: The emotional release from journal writing lowers anxiety and stress and allows you to heal from any past traumas.

10. Improves self-confidence: Journaling about a positive experience allows your brain to relive it and reaffirms your abilities.



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