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Welcome to our Bespoke Letterpress blog! It has been many years since we have written a blog post.

This whole business was started around a blog. Back in 2008, I very humbly launched Bespoke Letterpress - we didn't have a website, or an online store. Their was no Instagram, and Facebook was just a place for friends. So we started a blog that followed my journeys into the land of letterpress, business, and learning how to take a centuries old craftsmanship and turn it into a twenty first century business. And, oh and what a journey it has been!

From those humble blog posts, we grew. We reached an audience, our audience, we found a community, our community, and together we united with other printers, designers and makers in the crafting and business start up community. Our blog was a land of discovery, and it was just so lovely to share that with our readers.

Slowly as time went on, we started to branch further. We opened a online store, we started our website, this thing called Instagram started and slowly our poor blog became neglected as we moved on with the times. We got busy, we grew bigger, we moved interstate, we opened stores, and a cafe, we had kids, and oh boy did the landscape then change.

But for so long now, we've wanted to come back. Back to this land of a journal. A place where we can share with you a little beyond the captions of Instagram or the overwhelming platform of Facebook. A home for our thoughts, a place for education, a space where we can both pull from the archives and share with you the future.

We are so glad that you are here. Welcome home.


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