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Introducing our Personalised Enamel Ornaments

At Bespoke Letterpress, our history of crafting exquisite Enamel Christmas Ornaments spans several years. In our commitment to the tradition of creating timeless holiday treasures, we introduced our Laser Engraving services last year, offering you the opportunity to personalize the rear of your ornaments with meaningful text.

In 2022, a heartwarming trend emerged as customers chose to commemorate cherished moments using our Bespoke Font, celebrating First Christmases, conveying heartfelt messages to teachers, inscribing names and significant years, and paying tender tributes to loved ones who have passed. These custom engravings transformed our ornaments into sentimental heirlooms destined to grace trees for generations.

This year, we're taking personalization to new heights!

For the first time, we are offering the option to etch your child's precious handwriting or their own artistic creations. Imagine capturing the innocence and creativity of your child's hand-drawn art or their handwritten name, forever preserved on the back of our ornaments.

This enduring memento allows you to fondly reminisce about your child's precious age for years to come. Encourage your child to write love notes to their teacher, create beautiful illustrations for their grandparents, inscribe their name with all those charming backward letters and numbers, and engrave these sweet memories to reflect upon each year when decorating your Christmas tree.


To order Personalised Engraving:

Step 1: Download our template file here.
Step 2: Print this on a plain white A4 page.
Step 3: Have your child write or draw inside the black box.
Step 4: Fill out the Order area details with your information.
Step 5: To submit your artwork, either scan this sheet at high resolution (300dpi) or place the sheet on a flat, light-colored surface and take a top-down photo with your phone of the full sheet, ensuring there are no shadows in the photo
Step 6: Choose your desired ornament design from our online store.

Step 7: Before adding the ornament to your cart, be sure to select the option to "Laser Engraving via Handdrawing +$20."

Step 8: Then scroll and click the upload button to upload your photo or file.

Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase in one of our stores, you can bring in your A4 sheet, and our friendly staff will engrave it on the spot for you!

Top Tips:

  • Only use a black sharpie or a similar thick black felt pen.
  • Do not use pencil, pen, or crayons, and ensure the drawing is in black and white.
  • Avoid drawing right up to the edge of the black box on the A4 page to prevent parts of your drawing from being cropped.
  • As the engraving will be reduced in size, keep your text or drawing simple, clean, and minimal, and avoid writing in small fonts for the best results.

The cost per personalized engraving is a $20 service fee per ornament.

We sincerely hope you embrace this exciting new service and can't wait to see the magical creations your children come up with, turning your Christmas tree into a canvas of enchanting memories.

Download our template file here.

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