| Alischa Herrmann

Make your own Christmas Crackers!

Here at Bespoke, we love a little DIY project and we have been busy here in our office making Christmas Crackers for our own Christmas Party! As we celebrate the year that was, and eat, laugh and share around a summer table, what better way to celebrate our Whitney Spicer Christmas Collection, than with beautiful Christmas Crackers/Bon Bons using our very own gift wrap and ribbons! These beauties are quite easy to make and make a striking addition to your Christmas Table.


What you need:
- Heavyweight Gift Wrap ( we used our our Summer Picnic, Crab & Squid, and Oranges gift wrap)
- Ribbon (we used our 100% silk in blush, rust and summer green)
- Scissors/Scalpel
- Cutting mat
- Sticky tape
- Double sided tape or glue
- Cricut, or similar cutting machine (or you can use scissors and scalpel)
- Christmas cracker snaps (try ebay)
- Treats for inside your crackers (we used our favourite Ferrero Rochers)

The handcut method:
1. Download and print our cracker template jpg.
2. Place this template over your gift wrap and tape the edges to hold into place.
3. Cut around the traced shape using scissors and scalpel for the internal cuts.

Machine cut method:
1. Upload our cracker template svg on your cutting device.
2. Follow cutting instructions as per your machine

Assembly for both cutting methods:
1. Apply double sided tape to both ends of the snap , on the same side.
2. Stick the snap on the reverse (inside) of the paper.
3. Apply a line of double sided tape, or glue, between the diamonds on the right side of the paper, and under the slit, and then on either end, from the edge to the diamond, under the slit, also on the right side of the paper.
4. Carefully roll the cracker, peel the backing of the double sided tape off, and seal the tabs in the slits.
5. Tie off one end with ribbon
6. Fill your cracker with treats
7. Tie off other end.

Dress your Christmas Table with linen tablecloths and napkins from our Summer Table linen collection for a truly beautiful and summery Christmas table!

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